Meet Mike P Grant, the founder of Intruder Prevention!

Welcome to my blog!

To begin with, Intruder Prevention is a free website where you can find information to improve your home security. By introducing many effective ways to prevent burglars, home invaders, and robbers, Intruder Prevention helps you become more aware of your safety at home.

The vision

It does not take an expert to know that today’s intruders become more and more sophisticated and skillful. There have been lots of cases around the world reporting that thousands of house are robbed even though the house owners have equipped their place with high-tech tools.

That has encouraged me to start sharing every little thing I know about home security. The ultimate goal is to help people to improve their safety at home, even when they do not have access to expensive security tools.

And everything you found on this blog is completely free!

What can you find from Intruder Prevention?

Simply speaking, Intruder Prevent will get into detailed issues such as how to choose a lock to secure your house when you are on a vacation, which types of weapons you should keep at home or even tips to take care of your family members in case there is an intrusion.

However, please do not mistake that this is an affiliate website which sells home safety services or products. This is just a place where I want to raise people’s awareness of home safety.

Please also note that what I shared here was gathered from my own experience. For that reason, it is not under my responsibility if there are damages or harm done to your home safety. All tips and tricks here must be adjusted to each circumstance.

Let the journey begins,

I know what you think. Home safety is one of the most common issues that get neglected in recent years given the increasing number of burglars and robbery all around the world.

From my own experience, prevention is always better and cheaper as we have no idea what it will cost us once it happens. Do not hesitate anymore and start acting to protect yourself and your family.

Start analyzing the situation around you and impose some safety methods to make sure you are under protection. Do not wait until one of us becomes the victim to start acting. Act now!

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