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One of the most horrifying home security nightmares is having to go through an armed home invasion.

This is one aspect of home security where it does not matter what type of monitored home security system you may be using. For the time between the invader’s first appearance to the point where help might arrive, you are on your own for staying cool under pressure and making sure that you and your family live to see another day.

The biggest problem with armed home invaders is that even though the people may be ordinary robbers, they are almost always armed with a weapon and want you to be home. They want you to be there so you can give them car keys, money, jewelry, electronic items, or whatever else it is that they want.

According to the police, you should always comply and do whatever it is that the home invaders want except when it comes down to a life or death issue. The police do not want you to resist and aggravate the situation unless it has reached the point where somebody is about to be seriously injured or killed. If you know for a fact that it’s a life-or-death situation, then go all out and do whatever you can do to stop the threat.

The news stories about home invasions commonly report people being tied up by robbers and sometimes being assaulted with some type of weapon. Most of the armed home invaders do not want to hurt the victims! They are usually there for something specific and most of them will immediately flee once they receive it. The armed robbers know that the longer they stay inside of the house, then the greater the chances of them getting caught by the police or a vigilant neighbor.

Avoiding being the victim of a home invasion means being aware of your surroundings, keeping a low profile if you have expensive or highly in demand items, and making sure that you have strong doors with solid locks and a security system that covers all angles inside and outside of your home.

Studies have shown that a woman by herself is a common target for invaders. Parents with small children are also high in the listing. Armed robbers know that parents will be less likely to resist if their children are present during the home invasion until the children are directly threatened themselves.

Business owners and elderly people are also common targets for home invaders. The business owners commonly have large amounts of cash and jewelry on hand, and elderly people commonly have medication and some might have cash hidden in their home. College students are also on the target list because of their laptops and other electronic items that could easily be pawned or sold for some quick cash. And depending on the college, college students may also have stashes of marijuana and other drugs.

Keep an eye on the news listings for home invasions and watch which people that most armed home invaders target and what they steal from those victims.

The following tips and suggestions are not official statements by www.IntruderPrevention.com. This website does not imply that you should fight back against a home invader. The following statements are merely suggestions for those people who would like more information about ways to be prepared and to fight back against hostile threats.
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If you are the type of person who would rather put up a fight at the start of a home invasion, the best thing to do is prepare for one to happen. It’s the old motto, “Plan for the worst, hope for the best.”

By planning for the worst, you need to take a detailed walk around the inside and outside of your home, looking for any way that an armed robber may try to break into your home. And then make your house a fortress. Replace ordinary exterior doors with solid doors with a steel frame. Install electric security screens on the outside of windows. Have motion-activated flood lights on every corner of your house so that no angle is safe. Cut down and remove any large bushes or trees near your home. Only plant rose bushes and thorny holly bushes right next to your house and under the windows.

By taking those steps you’ve made it extremely difficult for somebody to even approach your home undetected. They won’t be able to hide behind trees and plants, and if they try to attack at night they’ll be caught by the bright flood lights. The steel framed doors will be more kick and crowbar resistant than an ordinary door frame found in most homes.

For extra strength, use poles and rods that go from under the doorknob and down to the floor at an angle. This will give your door even more strength and be virtually impossible for somebody to kick open. This will also keep your home more secure if somebody tries to lock bump their way quietly into your home.

But those security measures are not enough to stop a home invasion.

You still need to plan even further on the possibility of somebody still breaking into your home and trying to steal items (or worse) at gunpoint. This is when you need to have some combat plans with using close quarter battle (CQB) techniques with a handgun, shotgun, rifle, or any other type of weapon at hand.

I recommend finding some books that relate to using guns and knives in combat situations. Take time to practice and do pretend combat situations around your home. Go from room to room listening and hunting for the intruder and practice having a proper stance to give you a more stable shooting platform. If knives are your preference, see if any of the local karate schools offer training in armed combat.

Each person has their own way of handling dangerous situations.

Some people want to have a shotgun loaded and ready to blast away at the first sight of an armed robber, while others would rather use stealth and guerrilla tactics to take down the enemy. If you’re patient and have excellent hiding places, you can easily ambush people inside of your own home and take down the armed robbers that way, using the element of surprise to your advantage. And still other people would rather use a pistol and large angry dog to fight any armed robbers.

There’s no right answer to fighting back against home invasions.

The most important thing is to keep yourself and your family alive and safe at the end of the home invasion!

Whichever way you choose to stop the threat is up to you and however you feel the most comfortable and effective. If you’re going to fight back, you absolutely must be at the top of your game and ready to fight with the fury of a tiger, taking every advantage possible, “cheating” while fighting, and not giving up until the threat is gone.

Just remember that it will be a few minutes minimum before any police officers arrive on the scene. Those first few minutes of a home invasion are the most important. It’s up to you to either cooperate and hope that nothing bad happens, or take matters into your own hands and deal with the problem yourself.

Be careful and use your head if you ever find yourself in a hostile situation like an armed robbery or home invasion. It isn’t worth it being a “hero” if one of your family members dies in the process because you made a bad decision. Keep all of the victims safe and alive and be a real hero, even if it means not fighting back and doing as the robbers demand.

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