History – Brinks was founded in 1859 as a delivery company. Recognizing the need to protect the cargo they were delivering, Brinks moved into the armored delivery business. By 1956, Brinks was the world’s largest armored car company. In Irving, Texas, Brinks Home Security began in 1983. The entire National Service Center for alarm monitoring and other customer service features are run from this location. Since 1983, Brinks Home Security has grown to over one million customers and become one of the top national home security companies in the country.


Selling Points:

  • Over one million customers.
  • Simple but effective home security systems for the average homeowner.
  • Cheaper installation and monitoring costs than other high-end companies.
  • Brinks owned and operated monitoring center.
  • Speedy installations.
  • High levels of professionalism and customer service.
  • Very lost costs for homes and businesses already wired for a security system.


  • Hardwired security systems. Brinks focuses on using physical wires and not a wireless system to connect all of the sensors and control panels to the central control box. Expect the installers to drill and run wires throughout the home as needed.
  • Basic monitoring add-ons. Brinks is able to offer door & window contacts, motion detectors and the standard environmental detectors (smoke, carbon monoxide, moisture, temperature and excessive heat). Don’t expect to find any fancy or specialized add-ons for special safety or security concerns.
  • One monitoring center. All of the monitoring for Brinks takes place at their monitoring center near Dallas, TX. Make sure to ask a representative how you’ll be monitored should something happen to that facility.
  • Three-year contract. Make sure you find out the details for the service length and any early exit fees for the contract.
  • Brinks-owned security system. After the service contract is expired, the security system is then locked and only a Brinks technician can unlock it again. It is very difficult if you would like another company to take over and monitor the security system after your contract is finished.

Overall, if you’re just looking for a simple system and don’t mind paying between $20 and $40 for the monitoring and maintenance, go with Brinks.

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Below is a common Brinks Home Security commercial showing what they believe to be a typical type of home invasion.

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