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Do you:

  1. Ever wonder about those eerie sounds at night?
  2. Often leave younger people home alone for periods of time?
  3. Live in a new home?
  4. Have a friend or neighbor that was recently burglarized?
  5. Have a pet?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you may want to look into purchasing a monitored security system.  Depending on your budget, any security issues you have will be easily resolved by a modern day security system.  Whether it’s additional fire and/or carbon monoxide detection, a cellular back-up system, or a separate internal battery for use during a power outage, you will be protected.

The real question lies with you.  What are you looking for in a system?  Are you looking for the most technologically advanced wireless system complete with a digital CCTV recording system, or are you more interested in a cheaper method that mainly relies on motion detectors?  A large, complex system is going to be expensive and require high monthly fees for monitoring and maintenance.  A simple system just using a few motion detectors is much cheaper and will have lower monthly fees.  Both of them will detect an intruder.  It’s only a question of where you want the intruder to be noticed.

Your pet dog does not mean that you don’t need a security system.  Dogs may be silenced by use of a weapon or treat.  Dogs may also be put away in a kennel or at a friend’s home while you’re away on a trip. Most importantly, your pet may not be able to survive a house fire if they’re left alone.  Having a monitored system will give you the peace of mind of knowing that your pet has a much greater chance of surviving a house fire or a dangerous build-up of carbon monoxide or radon gasses.

With these questions in mind, you are encouraged to look over the material presented in this website.   This will help you decide if the time is right to have a professional stop by your home and give you a security review.  Don’t let the “It won’t happen to me” attitude prevent you from making one of the most important decisions in your life!

Source: intruderprevention.com

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A look at the famous national home security companies and what security services they can offer their customers.

A national home security company has the capability to service most of the common security needs that its customers have across the country.

These famous and popular home security businesses usually have local and regional support and installation facilities in many of the major cities and metro areas. Installations are normally quick and professional, and customer service representatives can usually be contacted in the 24x7x365 facilities. All of the major home security companies have their own privately run monitoring centers, and a few of the companies have more than one to help better serve their customers and ensure complete home security monitoring. If you need to locate, chances are good that you can just transfer your services to the new location and the monitoring can resume with the same company.

Some of the home security companies stick with basic home security systems and components, mainly using cheaper ways to catch burglars, while other national companies have the technology and budget to offer virtually every kind of security component available on the market today. Those security systems are generally more expensive but can easily cover all of your security needs and concerns.

The national home security companies are also under more scrutiny by the media and general public. When more and more people are aware of the organization, then it’s just that much faster for bad word to spread should anything negative happen. With goals of keeping stock prices on the rise and competition away, these national security companies must work harder to keep their images as clean, professional and secure as possible.

Do they offer complete 24x7x365 monitoring coverage

When choosing a national company keep the following questions in mind:

  • Do they offer complete 24x7x365 monitoring coverage?
  • How many monitoring centers do they own and will you still be monitored should one of those centers go offline?
  • Do you own the home security system, or are you mainly renting it from them? If you own it, is there a warranty?
  • Do you have to pay for any installation fees?
  • Are you or the company responsible should the security system need any maintenance?

Soure: Intruder Prevention

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September 15, 2018

The Slomin’s Shield Reviews


History – Founded in 1923 as a small general store in New York, Jacob Slomin focused on caring for his customers and the local community. Back then he set the standards of top-level customer service, setting up delivery of the products he was selling to his customers’ homes and businesses. This strategy of respecting and going the extra mile for the customer worked and the company grew in size and offered additional services over the years. Slomin’s began providing home security services and monitoring services back in 1981.

NOTE – The Slomin’s Shield website only lists being able to monitor the mid-Atlantic states, though the company is advertising on a national level and when I enter my zip code (well outside of the advertised area) on its website, it shows that residential and commercial security services are available here. Our local TV stations also air The Slomin’s Shield security commercials, too. Because of that, I’m labeling The Slomin’s Shield as being a national home security company on this website.

Selling Points:

  • Over eighty years of family-owned company experience dedicating itself to customer service.
  • Cheaper monthly monitoring costs than the other national home security companies.
  • TV advertisements for same-day security system installations.
  • Free basic home security system with agreement to five-year monitoring contract.


  • Five-year monitoring contract.
  • Hardwired security systems. No mention of being able to support wireless security components.
  • Simple security systems focusing on door contacts and motion detectors, similar to Brinks Home Security. No mention of which additional security components are also available (if any).
  • No mention of a cellular backup transmitter being available for security systems.
  • Only one Central Monitoring Station.

Overall, if you are looking for a simple home security system without spending a lot of money for the monitoring costs and don’t mind the five-year monitoring contract, then see if The Slomin’s Shield is available in your area.

NOTE – This website is not affiliated with or approved by The Slomin’s Shield.

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