Do you:

  1. Ever wonder about those eerie sounds at night?
  2. Often leave younger people home alone for periods of time?
  3. Live in a new home?
  4. Have a friend or neighbor that was recently burglarized?
  5. Have a pet?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you may want to look into purchasing a monitored security system.  Depending on your budget, any security issues you have will be easily resolved by a modern day security system.  Whether it’s additional fire and/or carbon monoxide detection, a cellular back-up system, or a separate internal battery for use during a power outage, you will be protected.

The real question lies with you.  What are you looking for in a system?  Are you looking for the most technologically advanced wireless system complete with a digital CCTV recording system, or are you more interested in a cheaper method that mainly relies on motion detectors?  A large, complex system is going to be expensive and require high monthly fees for monitoring and maintenance.  A simple system just using a few motion detectors is much cheaper and will have lower monthly fees.  Both of them will detect an intruder.  It’s only a question of where you want the intruder to be noticed.

Your pet dog does not mean that you don’t need a security system.  Dogs may be silenced by use of a weapon or treat.  Dogs may also be put away in a kennel or at a friend’s home while you’re away on a trip. Most importantly, your pet may not be able to survive a house fire if they’re left alone.  Having a monitored system will give you the peace of mind of knowing that your pet has a much greater chance of surviving a house fire or a dangerous build-up of carbon monoxide or radon gasses.

With these questions in mind, you are encouraged to look over the material presented in this website.   This will help you decide if the time is right to have a professional stop by your home and give you a security review.  Don’t let the “It won’t happen to me” attitude prevent you from making one of the most important decisions in your life!


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