A look at the famous national home security companies and what security services they can offer their customers.

A national home security company has the capability to service most of the common security needs that its customers have across the country.

These famous and popular home security businesses usually have local and regional support and installation facilities in many of the major cities and metro areas. Installations are normally quick and professional, and customer service representatives can usually be contacted in the 24x7x365 facilities. All of the major home security companies have their own privately run monitoring centers, and a few of the companies have more than one to help better serve their customers and ensure complete home security monitoring. If you need to locate, chances are good that you can just transfer your services to the new location and the monitoring can resume with the same company.

Some of the home security companies stick with basic home security systems and components, mainly using cheaper ways to catch burglars, while other national companies have the technology and budget to offer virtually every kind of security component available on the market today. Those security systems are generally more expensive but can easily cover all of your security needs and concerns.

The national home security companies are also under more scrutiny by the media and general public. When more and more people are aware of the organization, then it’s just that much faster for bad word to spread should anything negative happen. With goals of keeping stock prices on the rise and competition away, these national security companies must work harder to keep their images as clean, professional and secure as possible.

Do they offer complete 24x7x365 monitoring coverage

When choosing a national company keep the following questions in mind:

  • Do they offer complete 24x7x365 monitoring coverage?
  • How many monitoring centers do they own and will you still be monitored should one of those centers go offline?
  • Do you own the home security system, or are you mainly renting it from them? If you own it, is there a warranty?
  • Do you have to pay for any installation fees?
  • Are you or the company responsible should the security system need any maintenance?

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