History – Created in 1988, Protection One is still a relatively new monitored security company on the national scene. The company is almost twenty years old and has already logged more than one million residential customers. In 2001, Protection One partnered with BellSouth Corp. and created BellSouth Security Systems from Protection One. Today, Protection One is an affiliate of Quadrangle Group LLC.

Selling Points:

  • Over one million customers and growing.
  • Flexibility and high-technology. Protection One uses modern day wireless monitoring devices and procedures. Touch screen display panels, wireless systems and large control boxes allow for large and complicated security systems to be able to handle nearly every home safety and security concern.
  • Unrestricted 24x7x365 monitoring. Protection One owns three monitoring centers throughout the country. Should one center become disabled, those customers will still be monitored by the other centers. A cellular backup system in your home allows monitoring to be continued should anything happen to the phone lines.
  • Low costs. A basic security system runs about the same monthly monitoring price as the other major competitors, but the security component add-ons are significantly cheaper.
  • Fast and professional installations. With sixty field offices and over 3,000 professional employees throughout the world, most installations can be scheduled within three days, and installation crews can be there earlier in an emergency. The wireless technology means there won’t be a need to run any significant amount of wires, and the actual installation process is fairly quick.


  • Considered to still be a fairly new home security company. When it comes to trusting a company to watch over your home or business, many people want a company that has been around longer.
  • Occasional equipment malfunctions. Some customers have reported the systems giving out false alarms. Other minor technical issues have also been reported.
  • Customer service. Customer service is available 24x7x365 like most major companies, but customers have reported friendliness and quality control problems. This will vary depending on your region and local office.
  • Three-year monitoring contract.

Overall, to go with Protection One you should ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Do you want a wireless system that can handle many extra features?
  2. Do you want to trust a young but rising company with monitoring your home security system?
  3. Do you want to send burglars a warning not to mess with your home, and at the same time not spend nearly as much money as you would for an ADT or Brinks home security system?

If you answered “yes” to these questions you may want to speak with a representative from Protection One.

NOTE – This website is not affiliated with or approved by Protection One.

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