Monitoring devices for elderly, senior citizens and disabled people.

How much better would you feel knowing that there was a high-tech monitoring device in your grandmother’s home? A device that could call for emergency help at a moment’s notice, monitor the temperature in the room and send an alert if it was too hot or too cold, or even double as a speaker phone and not require grandma to get up and answer the phone, risking tripping and falling over an item?

Such technology exists today to help us ease our constant worries about the health and safety of our older and handicap friends and family members.

All you need is a monitoring device for a central area of the home or apartment (usually in the living room), wireless (and usually waterproof) push-button pendent for the person to wear around their neck or on their wrist, and a telephone connection to the monitoring facility.

Should an emergency happen, such as falling down and not being able to get up, all the person would have to do is press a button and alert the monitoring device. Depending on the monitoring company, they may either send an ambulance immediately or first attempt to carry out a two-way conversation through the monitoring device. The devices usually have sensitive microphones to hear sounds from other rooms in a small house or apartment. As the ambulance is dispatched, family members and other emergency contacts are notified of the emergency by the monitoring company.


  1. More independence for the senior citizen and/or disabled person.
  2. Peace of mind knowing that they can reach for help if needed.
  3. Postpone using a live-in caregiver or moving into a nursing home.
  4. 24/7 monitoring and two-way voice communications if there’s an emergency.
  5. Easy to install and use. These devices were designed with elderly and disabled people in mind.
  6. Push button remote in most cases is waterproof – can still be used in the shower or at the pool.
  7. Base unit can act as a speaker phone.

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