Single cylinder and double cylinder deadbolt locks for cheap, simple and effective home security.

Adding single cylinder and double cylinder deadbolt locks is one of the easiest and cheapest ways of adding basic home security to a house. A strong deadbolt lock can be surprisingly effective at stopping a burglar or robber from breaking into your home.

It’s a common misbelief that only the front door needs to be the most secure with a deadbolt lock. The truth is that every exterior door needs to have a single or double cylinder deadbolt lock. Remember that most robbers and burglars prefer to break in through the quieter side, garage and back doors where they will draw less attention to themselves. In a way, those are the doors that need to be more secure instead of the highly visible front door.

There are two main types of deadbolt locks – single cylinder and double cylinder.

Single Cylinder:

single cylinder deadbolt lock

A single cylinder deadbolt is one that needs a key from the exterior, but uses a turnpiece on the interior. It’s fast and easy to lock the door from the inside of the house. If you have any windows in or right next to the door, do not use a single cylinder deadbolt! It’s very easy for a robber to break the glass, reach inside, and unlock the deadbolt.

Double Cylinder:

double cylinder deadbolt lock

A double cylinder deadbolt requires a key to be used on both sides of the lock. This will work fine in most exterior doors, but it’s ideal for doors with windows either in or next to the door. If a burglar were to break the glass and reach inside, they would still be unable to unlock the deadbolt without the key.
People commonly ask the following question concerning double cylinder deadbolts: “If there’s a fire or another type of emergency, how can I quickly unlock and open the door?”

The answer is to have a small hook or peg on the wall near the door (well out of arm’s reach and not visible from any windows), and hang a spare key there. If you have small children, make sure the key is low enough for them to reach in an emergency. Practice using the key a few times and you will quickly see how easy and secure it is to use a double cylinder deadbolt.

Tip – If you do hang a key near the door, try to keep it out of view of any windows or other openings. It’s easy for a burglar to break open a window and reach for the key either with their arm or a long pole or rod. The best bet is to keep it out of sight and certainly well out of reach from the nearest opening.

An important note about deadbolt locks:

Deadbolts are not completely secure!

Using a single or double cylinder deadbolt is not the solution for making a home safe and secure! Many of them can still be picked, and others can be opened through a quick and easy process called “lock bumping”. The deadbolt will prevent many criminals from entering your home, but the determined ones will still find a way past it to gain entrance. If you’re worried about lock bumping, make sure that you go out of your way to purchase a special bump-proof lock. Those that are bump-proof will advertise it right on the box.


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