History – Founded in 1923 as a small general store in New York, Jacob Slomin focused on caring for his customers and the local community. Back then he set the standards of top-level customer service, setting up delivery of the products he was selling to his customers’ homes and businesses. This strategy of respecting and going the extra mile for the customer worked and the company grew in size and offered additional services over the years. Slomin’s began providing home security services and monitoring services back in 1981.

NOTE – The Slomin’s Shield website only lists being able to monitor the mid-Atlantic states, though the company is advertising on a national level and when I enter my zip code (well outside of the advertised area) on its website, it shows that residential and commercial security services are available here. Our local TV stations also air The Slomin’s Shield security commercials, too. Because of that, I’m labeling The Slomin’s Shield as being a national home security company on this website.

Selling Points:

  • Over eighty years of family-owned company experience dedicating itself to customer service.
  • Cheaper monthly monitoring costs than the other national home security companies.
  • TV advertisements for same-day security system installations.
  • Free basic home security system with agreement to five-year monitoring contract.


  • Five-year monitoring contract.
  • Hardwired security systems. No mention of being able to support wireless security components.
  • Simple security systems focusing on door contacts and motion detectors, similar to Brinks Home Security. No mention of which additional security components are also available (if any).
  • No mention of a cellular backup transmitter being available for security systems.
  • Only one Central Monitoring Station.

Overall, if you are looking for a simple home security system without spending a lot of money for the monitoring costs and don’t mind the five-year monitoring contract, then see if The Slomin’s Shield is available in your area.

NOTE – This website is not affiliated with or approved by The Slomin’s Shield.

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