Why should anybody spend money on security items like deadbolts and cameras, or invest in a monitored home security system?

Security systems can be expensive, and what good are security cameras when a burglar or robber could just rip them and the monitoring system right out of the walls? Isn’t that stuff pointless?

No, certainly not.

Home security is more than just having a sketchy sales representative come out to your house and give you one of those security reviews where they try to scare you into buying all of the costly add-on items and services and agreeing to their three, four, or even five-year contract.

Real home security is about addressing your fears and threats, making sure that you and your family not only feels safe from the threat of burglars, but is safe from robbers preying on the weak. It’s about being able to go to bed at night and not have to worry about those mysterious noises outside knowing that you have solid door locks or even a monitored security system. Should anybody try to get close to your home they’ll have to avoid the motion-activated lights, thorny plants under the windows, strong door locks, and deal with the ear-piercing alarm that will sound if they manage to force open a door or window, or break through a sliding glass door. And of course once the alarm sounds, the would-be robber knows that everybody in the home and that part of the neighborhood has been alerted to the robber, and a police officer will be there soon.

Or for other people, real home security means having a big, mean dog ready to tear somebody apart along with a loaded shotgun ready to blast away the threat.

Both types of security systems are very effective when used properly and will keep away all but the most determined home invaders.

But both types of home security are flawed when they’re not used correctly.

The people who rely on technology to keep them safe need to be sure that the security items are not cheap pieces of garbage that don’t always work as advertised. They also need to make sure that all entrances are properly monitored. An unguarded window may provide the entrance and exit for a burglar. A security system that has not been armed won’t scare away a robber sneaking through the night. Not using a cellular back-up system will not send out the distress call to the monitoring center when a smart home invader cuts the phone line outside of the house or apartment. Burned out outside flood lights will allow almost anybody to approach the home in the safety of darkness.

Relying on just using a shotgun and guard dog for home security has its flaws, too.

Some guard dogs can be bribed with treats and toys. Others will sit there and calmly watch as robbers walk around and pick out certain items to steal. The large dogs that stand and fight can be neutralized with a crowbar, baseball bat, or even shot with a gun. Remember, dogs may look big and mean, but they’re still as fragile as people. They can be beaten and killed. Dogs also cannot watch over and guard a house while they’re out on a walk or taken to the vet or a kennel.

Guns have a similar problem, too. By itself, a shotgun or pistol is not going to do anything to stop a burglar or robber. It takes a person to point it and be ready to use it at a last resort to stop a threat.

There is no real answer to a perfect home security system!

Some people will spend thousands of dollars on an elaborate home security system complete with CCTV video cameras, steel framed doors, remote accessing software to monitor their home while away, and even security screens for windows. Other people could care less and only need to lock their front door at night and still feel safe.

The real answer is up to you and what it takes for you to not only feel safe, but be safe from burglars, robbers, and potentially home invaders. This means that you need to take a serious look at your home, the items inside your home, and your neighborhood and surrounding community.

Source: intruderprevention.com

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